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We convinced you to apply for a position at VIA Rail? Excellent, but before onboarding, please let us guide you through the next steps. Why you should come on board?

First, we encourage you to explore typical job offers we have within three main career tracks: customer service, train maintenance and operations and management and professional jobs.

When you find the job opportunity of your choice, please apply immediately. To do so, you will create a profile and use the online form corresponding to your chosen career track. You will then receive an email acknowledgement that we received your application.

If you don’t readily find what you want, you can:

  • Create a job alert to be made aware of new job arrivals as soon as they get posted (you can create more than one alert). You simply need to fill out an appropriate form.
  • Submit a spontaneous application using the relevant form. We will review your qualifications and eventually consider it for future job openings. You will receive an email acknowledgement that we received your resume.

Don’t forget to update your profile whenever you have significant information to share that can increase your chances of joining our organization.

We take the time to review all applications submitted to us electronically. Since we are an equal opportunity employer and receive a high volume of potential candidates, our human resources team only contacts the individuals who are selected.

The HR team then performs various steps depending on the vacant positions to fill, which are typically:

  • Sorting resumes
  • Preliminary phone interviews
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Face to face interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Offers, if applicable

Candidates must successfully complete each step to move forward to the next phase of the process.

Once a contact has been established, you will be informed of the outcome by a member of the human resources team.

Facing a technical issue? Send an email to:

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